Tuesday, March 22, 2011

totally touring

actual dates will be posted in our tour section soon!

U.S. tour with algernon cadwallader and snowing
May 18-June 26

European tour with algernon cadwallader
July 19-August 15


  1. Dudes, my name is Rory, we met a few times on the way to FEST last year, our band Break The Habit played with you in Richmond on the way down. I just wanted to swing by and say how overjoyed i am that you guys are coming over to the UK in July. You're shows we saw on that tour absolutely blew me away and i've been banging on about them to everyone over here ever since. We were talking about asking you guys if you wanted to come over and do some euro/uk dates with our new band sometime soon but i guess this works better because you get to see algernon every night instead, ha! I think our new band Little Ease (http://littleease.bandcamp.com/) are doing a couple of shows on your UK tour so we'll see you then. Hope you're both doing OK. Very excited. Rory.

  2. When's your next tour? I hope to catch you guys live. Thanks.
    live music long island