Sunday, January 23, 2011

spring plans

So we may be in over our heads, but here is a list of everything we will be doing this spring.

- short spring tour down to SXSW
- 7" floppy lathe b-side single on Square of opposition
- 7" with 2 new songs titled "MOST DEAF"
- 2nd pressing of FCKYRHED
- FCKYRHED DVD with 7 music videos
- 4 way split with algernon cadwallader/snowing/boys and sex
- song for slow growth(ex ticklebutt)records comp

In april we will be taking some time to record a hip hop project with this rad Miami MC that goes by the name of E Grizzly. FUCK YES!

also have some BIG summer tour plans in the works!

thanks for reading,
we love you,

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  1. i want to be in one of those music videos!!!!-omar romero